full name rosaline briony clark
personal assistant
age & dob
26 & january 29th, 1991
raised in
oxford, united kingdom
current residence
tribeca, nyc
relationship status
personality type
esfj, type 1
Emily Mischler, the oldest of two born to Timothy and Mary Mischler, had a slightly unconventional upbringing straight out of the gate. She was only four-years-old when her parents were killed in a drunk driving accident, with custody of her and her two-year-old brother thrust onto Timothy's brother, Peter. Barely twenty-two and attempting to live out his dream of becoming a screenwriter out in Los Angeles he wasn't exactly the perfect candidate, but given Mary had no family to speak of and Timothy's parents were unable to take them in, he did his best to step up and take responsbility.

The three of them lived mostly-comfortably in Peter's little studio apartment in Sherman Oaks - he could barely afford it, given the nice neighborhood, but he had been bound and determined to shove himself into a space that would afford him the most "opportunity." Emily and Nathan were young enough that they didn't really know any better, and it wasn't until she was in sixth grade that Peter realized maybe they should try and upgrade to a slightly larger space. He could afford it easily enough, at that point, having sold a screenplay that ultimately went nowhere but, when doubled with the odd jobs he worked on top of it, kept them in a two-bedroom place, at least. It never proved an issue, besides, given both Emily and Nathan had the calm dispositions that just sort of rolled with the punches; Emily, for her part, was always busy with whatever hobby struck her fancy at the moment, on top of it all.

Emily was always a fairly academically gifted student, really, going so far as to skip her freshman year and graduate high school a year early. She had the sort of hyper-focused ambition that a student needed to succeed in that sort of endeavor, always looking to improve herself. She joined student government, helped out on sets for the musicals and theatre productions - anything that she could help plan, really. The issue she ran up against, unfortunately, was when it came time to apply for colleges: she'd been doing so many different things over the years that she had absolutely no clue what one particular thing she wanted to hone in on - she was only seventeen, what did she know about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life? She applied to a few different schools around California (she knew she didn't want to travel far, at least) to a variety of programs, from English to marketing to accounting.

She ultimately graduated in 2009 from the University of Southern California with a degree in Communications and Business Administration, one of the lucky few that graduated with no loans thanks to a combination of scholarships and financial aid. The intention after graduation was to feed her way into public relations - run marketing campaigns for films or work as a publicist for someone like Meryl Streep or Angelina Jolie, but the chips simply didn't fall that way. For one, she had no interest in pursuing a master's, which would have given her a competitive edge; for another, in a business that was built on who you knew, Emily knew, well, no one. Peter was still struggling for recognition and had no connections to help boost her, which meant she started from the bottom - thankless intern positions that either paid too little or nothing at all, and while she would have liked to think she was above them, she knew she had to start somewhere.

She bounced around the next few years, moving from internships at publishing houses and magazines and film sets. She worked as a production assistant for a summer, a lighting technician for a fall, before finally settling down as one of two assistants to the Senior VP of Communications of Disney Consumer Products in 2014. The next few years weren't particularly notable, if only because Emily always had the tendency to lose herself in her work, to the detriment of her personal life. She saw Peter, she saw Nathan, she maintained a handful of friends, but other than that - it was all about work for her.

In January 2017, she made a slight career shift - after some initial waffling over whether she would be able to handle someone with the personality he had, she became the second assistant to actor Scott Whitcombe. Well, 'assistant' doesn't quite cover what she refers to close friends as a 'glorified babysitting' job, but he treats her well and it pays the bills, so she doesn't have much to complain about at the end of the day. It's not exactly her dream job, admittedly, but considering she's still not entirely sure what her dream job is, it works well enough for her.
  • Because she hates the idea of not being in control of herself and the situation at all times, Emily has never been much of a partier. She attended them here and there throughout high school, and obviously gets her share of the circuit simply by the nature of the business she's in, but Emily rarely indulges in any real partying. She does, however, very much enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day.

  • While she does not generally get 'starstruck' (something she counts as a good thing in this industry), she found herself almost unable to speak when she was dragged off to meet Tom Ford at a Golden Globes afterparty. She maintains that she essentially blacked out and does not remember the moment at all, though she's been told she managed to squeak out "I'm wearing one of your lip colors right now!" before completely shutting down.

  • While her primary residence is in Los Angeles (a decent-sized apartment she can only afford thanks to rent control and sharing with a few other girls), she rents an AirBnB whenever Scott needs to stay in NYC for any Broadway appearances. Vastly prefers the more laidback lifestyle Los Angeles offers, and finds it difficult to keep up with how rude people in New York can lean towards being.

  • Readily acknowledges that she is a terrible person to be in a relationship with. Her laser focus on work means relationships tend to fall by the wayside, and most relationships only last a few months before either she grows tired of the other person or they grow tired of being ignored. Her longest relationship to date was in college, when she dated a struggling actor for almost two years. He has yet to make any kind of name for himself, but last she heard, he was still on the circuit.

  • Had aspirations of becoming a competitive figure skater - and was actually fairly good, her coach was convinced she was on track to be an Olympic contender - before an ankle injury sidelined her for a season when she was fourteen. She could never quite recapture her momentum, to her dismay. Still skates as frequently as her schedule will allow.

  • Is a firm believer in lists and their organizational powers. She keeps two planners (one work, one personal), and always feels a little lost without a detailed to-do list for the day ahead of her. Not necessarily full-fledged OCD, but she identifies with some of the markers.
paternal uncle
Timothy (deceased)
Mary (deceased)