rosaline briony clark
nickname rose, rosie counterpart princess aurora birthdate january 29th, 1991 (26) place of birth oxford, united kingdom current residence tribeca, nyc with keeley liden occupation personal assistant to xander boothe personality estj, type six, aquarius, ravenclaw
• rose was born in oxford, england, the only child to a british father and french mother, both of whom came from old money in addition to working high powered corporate jobs that garnered them a great deal of their own wealth. they were more hands-on and doting than most affluent parents, and rose led a relatively idyllic childhood. she spent all of her school years at various all-girls boarding schools, which was relatively uneventful for her; she had a close group of friends, good grades, and generally kept herself out of trouble. this held true until she was sixteen, when she was involved in a drunk driving accident with her boyfriend at the time (they had both been drinking, and he wound up wrapping the car around a telephone pole trying to get them home) and wound up in a coma for a little over a month.

• she started at the university of oxford after graduating from secondary school, enrolling in their economics and management program. she quickly found she did not enjoy business management, and when her best friend floated the idea of moving to new york city, rose jumped at the chance. she transferred to columbia college's political science and international affairs programs, and quickly found she enjoyed it considerably more than her oxford program. politics in general had always been fascinating to her, and columbia truly opened her eyes to that.

• her parents, however, were less than thrilled about their daughter's change of study. they would not pay for studies that they did not approve of (i.e. anything that was outside of the business field), and this led to a steady rocky patch between the three of them. she fell into the world of high-end escorting as a way to pay her bills (she found this easier than applying for endless scholarships, quite frankly) through a friend who was also involved in that particular world, keeping on a few steady clients until she graduated in 2012.

• after graduation, she went right into an internship at the department of transportation. it proved good experience to have under her belt, but she wasn't particularly fond of the department itself, and segued into a second internship with the department of cultural affairs in 2013. after her internship ended, she lucked into a position as assistant to the head of the department (he enjoyed her and his previous assistant was moving to a better job, so the timing couldn't have been better), a job she stayed at for the next three years.

• in early 2016, that department head broached the idea of rose moving with him to washington, d.c. - he had been offered a low-grade job working at the department of commerce, and wanted her to come along to avoid having to get used to both a new job and a new assistant. she declined, not wanting to leave new york city, and was immediately brought on as the mayor's assistant instead (she'd known xander for the last few years, and he knew they'd work well together), a job she's found both more challenging and rewarding than she could've hoped for.
facts • grew up speaking both french and english at home, tends to lapse into french when she's stressed or worked up. additionally speaks fluent spanish, and passible italian and german.

obsessed with sailor moon. she owned a white cat growing up that she insisted upon naming usagi after the main character.

• enjoys pop music as much as the next person, but her preferred genres are more alternative, indie folk sounds. is on a big 'judah & the lion' kick at the moment.

• while she's generally level-headed and prides herself on not getting too overly worked up about anything, her temper is a nasty one.

• never has been and never will be above using her femininity to further herself and her career.

• is ten years older than her fairytale counterpart thanks to the curse. her birthday is the date the film was released.