just a little info dump about me :)

name: allie
birthday: march 23 (aries sun, sag moon + rising)
pronouns: she/her
location: midwest (+3 nst)
fave shows: doctor who, sailor moon, new girl, b99
fave movies: barbie, little women (2019), pride & prejudice (2005), beauty and the beast
fave neopets: aishas!!, unis, chomby but only when they're babies
sides: + (for my spookies) + (will be taylor swift themed!!)

on neo i am obsessed with all things faerie and transparent related, and am working on a gallery with all my favorite faerie related items ♥

off neo i have one grumpy old man cat named francis who i love and adore and most definitely gave birth to!! i live in the midwest and work at a university library in a job that i love, even if sometimes i wish it wasn't, you know, in the midwest!


pbs & potions

valentine paint brush royal paint brush baby chomby morphing potion


birthday alabriss faerie faellie faerie talpidat

faerie gallery

air faerie doll battle faerie doll earth faerie doll fire faerie doll
library faerie doll negg faerie doll water faerie doll supreme deluxe faerie queen doll
fancy fyora illusens diary faerie fog jhudoras crystal ball


coming soon!!!


get ninianee to a neopian book award typing terror high score faerie bubbles avatar!!! feed 100 kadoaties (5/100) faerieland stamp avatar (17/25)

my pets

main account

elusina / woodland unicoming soon!!!
antheia the woodland feloreena
ninianee / royal unicoming soon!!!
evienne the faerie wibreth
roxanha / pastel aishacoming soon!!!
honor the faerie yullie
calyopa / pastel moehogcoming soon!!!
cleo the spring faellie

spooky side

iphianeira / transparent aishacoming soon!!!
eugenia the halloween seece
twiyna / transparent unicoming soon!!!
wrynn the halloween lizark
morticione / transparent moehogcoming soon!!!
gomez the halloween tapira
gwiynette / transparent blumaroocoming soon!!!
just an idea!
amraelia / transparent draikcoming soon!!!
madoran the zombie noil
stivar / halloween unicoming soon!!!
lucifer the halloween antwerph

baby side c:

kimrys / baby aishacoming soon!!!
joy the spring ona
starella / baby usulcoming soon!!!
tbd the babyca [ ]
molleye / baby kacheekcoming soon!!!
tbd the birthday hassee [ ]
timothiy / baby gelertcoming soon!!!
tbd the faerie barlow [ ]


coming soon!!!!